“Sarah has helped me de-clutter and organize my entire house! We literally walked in the mudroom door and just dug in. We have gone room by room, closet by closet, storage bin by storage bin. I was entirely overwhelmed with 10 years and 4 kids worth of build up and felt like I was drowning in my own home. Sarah has helped me set up simple yet highly functional systems to keep things running smoothly. Everything seems to finally have a place and I have purged countless boxes of stuff. I really appreciate that Sarah will jump right in and get dirty with me and not judge!” – Laurie R., Cedarburg

“I am looking forward to working with Sarah to reclaim and reorganize my house from top to bottom. Working with her has given me a sense of optimism that we can make our house work. In a short amount of time, she helps you make a significant and appreciable difference that is also easily maintainable.” – Hope L., Glendale

“I had 3 closets and a pantry to be reorganized. Plus a mail and bill paying mess that desperately needed a sustainable system. I was overwhelmed by it all but Sarah helped me dive right in and quickly organize everything in a way that can easily be maintained. I feel so much better having an organized home! I have some more areas of my house that need organizing and purging and she will be the first person I call when I’m ready!” – Wendy P., Fox Point

“Sarah helped me tackle my linen closet, my bathroom closet, and 3 separate storage areas in my basement. She has great ideas for organizing and she helped me decide what to keep, what to throw out, and what to donate. Her encouragement and inspiration kept me going for hours at a time, when by myself I would have probably given up and stopped after 15 minutes (and never have gotten organized.) I highly recommend Sarah Sorts for your organizing needs.”              – Kay B., Mequon

“Decluttering with organizing is definitely not a strength of mine, so calling on Sarah to step in and help me was a no-brainer. I really appreciated her objective way of seeing my very subjective messes which set me at ease right away.
Her approach was both practical and pleasing to the eye. She and I got a lot done in those 2 hours. I have learned some things from spending time with her, too.
I am still enjoying walking into our basement storage area where household and Christmas items are neatly stored, and have expanded my own cleanup/declutter and organization on my own since then.  A win-win all the way! Thank you, Sarah!” -Jan E., Cedarburg

“I’ve hired Sarah twice (she’s coming again!). She’s AMAZING! In two hours she can transform any area you want! I tend to hang onto more than I need for various reasons and would not be as efficient at purging without Sarah. She’s worth the time and money! I also try to keep an open mind when she comes… she has great recommendations so I trust her and it turns out great!” -Mary H., Theinsville