Time is precious.

For many people, too much time and energy are spent looking for items, looking for storage for items, or feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of organizing all our “stuff”. My goal is to create short “bursts” of organizing in which a task can be started and completed, providing you with a sense of accomplishment, and hopefully the desire to continue the process throughout the rest of the your home or business.


My Approach to Organizing

  1. Determine how the space should function
  2. Discuss how you would feel with the space cleared and organized
  3. Assess what can be cleared out
  4. Organize the remainder of items, ideally using items already found in your home

If needed, a list of organizational tools (boxes, bins, shelves) will be recommended.

During the initial phone or email consultation, ideally with pictures of the space needing to be organized, I will work with you to determine your needs, goals and expectations and any work that will need to be done before I arrive. Consultations and sessions are completely confidential and I will be honest and open if I feel a job is out of my scope of abilities.