Q. Can you really help me? My basement/kitchen/craft area is a mess!

A. YES! Often clients can not see HOW a space can be organized, rather they see the seemingly insurmountable task of decluttering and they often don’t know where to start. Sarah Sorts takes that trepidation and turns it into confidence through a pre-session questionnaire and free online or phone consultation. The client will be notified if a project is not within the scope of abilities of Sarah Sorts .

Q. How long are the sessions?

A. Sessions are two hours minimum. Many projects can be completed in two hours and clients are left with a clean and organized space and a sense of calm and accomplishment. Sessions can last up to four hours depending on the type of project.  A follow-up email with session summary, before and after photos, product recommendations and any “to do” lists will be sent to the client within 48 hours.

Q. This is going to be a huge cost investment right?

A. Many of my clients do not realize how much they are “spending” in terms of worry, anxiety, frustration, not to mention actual costs of replacing items they cannot find when surrounded by clutter. One client even found several hundred dollars worth of misplaced gift cards! The actual cost of one organizing session cannot be equated to the sense of relief and calm an organized space brings. Session fees will be discussed during initial contact and assessment.  Sarah Sorts is a very affordable solution to your organizational needs.

Q. Are the sessions confidential?

A. YES. All conversations, questionnaires, and sessions are confidential. Before and after photos are taken during sessions, but will not be posted on social media or the website without client permission. Identifying details are never shared in the photo posts.

Q. Should I purchase lots of storage items before the session?

A. NO! Part of the goal of an organizing session with Sarah Sorts is to minimize the items in your home or office and use items already in the home/office to organize. As part of the follow-up, Sarah Sorts will make any recommendations for storage products as discussed during the session. Sarah Sorts does not receive ANY compensation for product recommendation.

Q. I’ve purged lots of things. What do I do with all the items I’m willing to donate?

A. As part of the organizing session, all items designated to be donated will be taken by Sarah Sorts and given to local charities. Tax deduction receipts will be given upon request.

Q. Do you just work in residential homes?

A. No! Sarah Sorts also works to reduce clutter and chaos in businesses, churches, schools, etc.

Q. Do you organize clothing closets? Can you help me fix my wardrobe?

A. Yes! In addition to organizing clothing closets, Sarah Sorts can help you manage your wardrobe with styling recommendations. Personal shopping services are available. Please see  the personal shopping page for more details.